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We take pride in giving a personal service, accommodating any kind of request and will happily organize in addition to your travel schedule any type of special event.

We enjoy finding the ideal luxurious setting for a surprise party, producing specialist cakes for a birthday or anniversary or building a set in one of the many beautiful villas for a romantic proposal or exclusive private wedding ceremony and party.

Why book with us?

With the many travel agents and tour operators, we at www.taprobantravels.com do not own or manage any hotels or villas in Sri Lanka. However as professionals we only recommend the best and share the experience of how well one can enjoy a holiday in Sri Lanka. Not forgetting to provide you with the best service and safety that is required when travelling.

It must be mentioned that to give such information and insight a required length of stay is a necessity. Even if it is only a short stay or just a day to attend to any important work in the capital, we undertake the responsibility to making a booking on your behalf.

We wish to share with you information about on line booking by most hotel. Hotels may not take responsibility for arranging bookings of hotels in other places you wish to stay. Alternative accommodations incase of over booking or closure of hotel may not be met to your requirement. It is there for evident to book through a travel agent who take all the responsibility.

We wish to inform all those who travel with us to be aware of, Chauffer’s, guides and touts who may give you the best experience, yet have an unknown motive in promoting there own interest. They can bypass all rules and will not take responsibility where it matters to guests and the organization.

The future info about us will cover those reviews by them that have traveled by us.

Why Us?

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